Artificial Intelligence: On Tearing Down Troll Tyranny

Jigsaw, a subsidiary of Google, is set to launch multiple technological projects that will protect people from hate speech and online harassment. Jared Cohen, president and founder, is launching a set to fight internet trolling thru artificial intelligence known as 'Conversation Al.'

"I want to use the best technology we have at our disposal to begin to take on trolling and other nefarious tactics that give hostile voices disproportionate weight... [we will] do everything we can to level the playing field," confirmed Cohen. 

Jigsaw believes that while online speech must be moderated, online bullies should not be allowed to intimidate people and self-censor their personal opinions and views. 

Thru machine-learning techniques, Conversation Al will filter on "harassment" and "abuse" faster than humans could. 

The filter will have a 92% success rate in detecting "abusive" messages producing a false positive of only 10% of the time.

The issue with the tool is the possibility of filtering well-intentioned views that may appear or resemble as harassment. 

A few feminists are also apprehensive about the idea. Say Doyle argued, "People need to be able to talk in whatever register they talk... imagine what the internet would be like if you couldn't say 'Donald Trump is a moron,'" which registered as 99/100 on Conversation Al's attack scale. 

"We are not going to be one of those groups who sits in our offices and imagines what vulnerable populations around the world are experiencing," confirmed Cohen. "We're going to get to know our users. Every single day, I want us to feel the burden of the responsibility we are shouldering." 

Trolling has become the Internet's most controversial issue. It has harassed so many people to the point of silencing valuable opinions and views. 

Jigsaw was founded in 2010 and was previously known as "Google Ideas". 

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