'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Spoilers: Details For First 10 Episodes Of The Series Allegedly Leaked; Glenn And Abraham To Die In Premiere?

With "The Walking Dead" season seven premiere being only a few weeks away, more and more details of who Negan kills gets leaked into the public. There are allegedly two characters to die in the premiere, read along to find out more.

Two Major Deaths In "The Waking Dead" Season 7 Premiere: Will It Be Glenn And Abraham?

Just recently, a major spoiler has recently circled its way around the internet, revealing not only one, but two deaths in the upcoming season. Much to fans disappointment and heartbreak, reports claim that Glenn and Abraham are the ones to die in the upcoming "The Walking Dead" season seven premiere.

In previous reports, multiple deaths in the upcoming season premiere have already been hinted by the executive producer, Greg Nicotero. It was unintentional, but the fans of the series have not taken it lightly, especially after figuring out that more than one character will be killed off.

Initially, fans' speculations were for Glenn and Maggie to die. However, it has been theorized that Negan will not harm the women, leaving Glenn to be one of those to be killed. Looks like the fans were right about him, and Abraham being the other one. Of course, there is no official statement yet to confirm this. The fans of the series will have to wait for "The Walking Dead" season premiere soon.

Glenn Also Gets Killed Off In Comics Of "The Walking Dead"

In the comic's version of "The Walking Dead," Glenn does get killed off and it makes a major effect on Carl after witnessing his brutal death. There is no certainty that this will be adapted into the series, but it could be a possibility.

There is no way of knowing the fate of these characters unless the series finally makes its return in a few weeks. "The Walking Dead" season seven is set to premiere on October 23 on AMC.

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