'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 News And Updates: Release Date Getting Closer? Production Of Upcoming Season Kicks Off?

Fans of the series "Tokyo Ghoul" have been waiting for a year and a half now for its third installment, after the second season ended last March 2015. Recent speculations claim that production of the upcoming third season has already started.

"Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 Production Already Started? Enough Material Already To Proceed To Third Season

Studio Pierrot has gotten mixed reviews about their second installment of "Tokyo Ghoul." The fans of the manga series were not happy at how they detoured away from the storyline of the manga, as opposed to the first season when they followed the events just well. However, some fans believe that this has given the network more room for its storyline in season three.

Based on the manga series, the protagonist Ken Kaneki will be taking a new identity as it is his only way to escape the Aogiri Tree. However, the second season of "Tokyo Ghoul" ended with Kaneki presumed to have been dead after a battle with Akima.

There are speculations that when the series returns for its third season, Ken Kaneki will be alive and have no memory of his true identity. Instead, he becomes Haise Sasaki, who is the head of ghoul investigators known as the CCG.

Fans Encourage Studio To Follow Manga Series, Unlike "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 2 That Steered Away From Original Storyline

The studio now has allegedly have enough material already to proceed with the production of "Tokyo Ghoul" season three and already have a complete storyline for the entire season as it runs. Many fans of both the manga series and the anime have requested the studio to just follow in the path of the manga and not have a repeat of its second season incident.

Majority of the fans have been pushing for the studio to just follow in the manga's storyline, since the anime is just a few chapters behind its manga series to date. Even though there hasn't been any official statement yet as to the release date of "Tokyo Ghoul" season three, the fans are hopeful it will happen soon after reports that production has already started.

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