IBM And MIT Work Together On A New Artificial Intelligence Advancement

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge (MIT) and IBM have recently announced their partnership. They will work together on the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It will allow machines to interpret things that are seen and heard.

IBM And MIT's Collaboration

The multi-year collaboration is on the IBM-MIT Laboratory for Brain-inspired Multimedia Machine Comprehension or BM3C.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, this is only one of several partnerships of IBM. The organization has been pursuing advanced A.I. in recent years. There have been constant attempts in A.I. innovations. Scientists want to build machines that can think as humans do. 

However, they are still far from developing machines that could outperform humans.

The Pursuit In Artificial Intelligence

Apparently, a machine may be able to predict human greetings. It could tell if the manner is either a handshake or a hug. This was announced back in June by some MIT researchers. There's a relentless pursuit of such advancement in A.I.

Machines have always been correct in predicting. They are programmed to do just that. Computer scientists would encode such tasks into the machine. They are definitely a lot better at creating predictive algorithms than most humans.

But there has always been a constant struggle. It lies on teaching the machine to exactly replicate human thinking. TechCrunch's Devin Coldewey explained it perfectly. The human command of sights and sounds spans multiple cognitive disciplines.

Researchers are very aware of this. The way a human mind works is really masterful. It inspires them to create a machine-vision system. This will benefit healthcare, education and entertainment. Provided that it succeeds, of course.

A.I. Still A Formidable Challenge

According to the Boston Globe, Both IBM and MIT is uncertain of the program's cost. It's also uncertain how long it will run. But IBM's Guru Banavar said they are up for a formidable challenge. He added that people and machines can work together to solve problems.

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