Western Digital Announces 1TB SanDisk Memory Card

On Tuesday, Sept. 20, SanDisk, a company that is now owned by Western Digital, unveiled a prototype SDXC memory card with a record breaking capacity of 1 TB.

SanDisk 1TB Memory Card

The prototype SDXC memory card has been announced on SanDisk company's website. According to SanDisk, the SDXC memory card doubles the size of the 512GB Extreme Pro memory card introduced by the company back in the year 2014.

According to PCMag, a memory with such a huge capacity could be useful for higher-resolution video processing apps. At present, higher-resolution video is becoming increasingly popular especially among those users who are recording virtual-reality content in 4K and even 8K.

According to Android Headlines, due to increased quality, digital media files constantly grow in size and they require that new devices with continuously improving hardware are also released. For instance, there are now on the market many smartphones able to record 4K video. Games are also demanding more storage space and camera resolutions continue to increase.

As they add new features, from update to update and from generation to generation, even operating systems often increase in size. In order to keep up, Device manufacturers are required to provide users with more and more internal storage in order to keep up and meet users' ever-increasing needs.

By introducing the SanDisk 1 TB SDXC card, the first SD memory card of its size in the world, now, Western Digital has broken a new record in terms of SD card storage space. For Western Digital, a company specialized in manufacturing storage devices, this is not the first time when it has broken storage capacity records.

Sixteen years ago, the company was the first to introduce the 64 MB SD card. By allowing users to swap one out for another, SD cards provide flexibility.

The new 1 TB SDXC memory card uses the standard SD card form factor, so it's not ready for devices such as tablets and smartphones. The new memory card could also serve as a way to quickly add storage space to laptops, camcorders and digital cameras.

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