Microsoft Launches Nokia 216 Phone Featuring Classic Design Instead Of the Surface Phone

Microsoft Surface Phone might be the most awaited phone hyped to put an end to Apple and Samsung's years of reign. Microsoft launched a new phone yesterday but unfortunately, it's not the Surface Phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Launch

It seems like Microsoft Surface Phone's 2017 launch is final and tech experts are already itching to get ahold of Microsoft's latest flagship. Most people thought Microsoft was just bluffing about the 2017 Surface Phone launch and release as the tech giant launched a phone just yesterday. It was determined that Microsoft launched the Nokia 216 as the brand's swan song.

Microsoft Launched The Nokia 216

At some point, Nokia made a name for itself as the best brand of its kind in the world of cellphones. Years ago, Nokia was the Apple of our time and now, future generations will no longer have the chance to hold a Nokia phone as this is the brand's last hurrah. Microsoft's launch for the Nokia 216 isn't so much as a launch as it is as a farewell party for Nokia. 

Microsoft Lets Nokia 216 Keep Its Classic Look

While Microsoft had every chance to give the Nokia 216 a new look, Nokia's last feature phone came and kept the classic look it was originally known for. According to Yahoo, the Nokia 216 is a dual band handset weighing in at 83g with a QVGA display measuring 2.4", sporting VGA front and rear cameras and a battery life that allows it to stay on for 24 days. You can expect Nokia's last feature phone, Nokia 216, to look like a compact candybar that comes with a screen and keyboard. Nokia 216 will be running on Nokia Series 30+ and will be sold at a retail price of $37.

It's sad that Nokia will no longer be joining the smartphone game and we won't be able to see what they could possibly bring to the table. On the brighter side of things, Microsoft Surface Phone is coming in 2017!


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