GoPro Update: GoPro Hero 5 and GoPro 5 Session Released; First GoPro Drone Karma Partners With Apple

GoPro, the world's renowned action camera maker, unveiled two new cameras on Monday, but the big surprise came when it launched its first drone testing to see whether the company can jump-start this new growth.

Following the success of the first models of action cameras that were released by GoPro, the latest designed cameras, GoPro Hero 5 Black and GoPro 5 Session, have been recently introduced to the global market by GoPro CEO Nick Woodman.

Both camera models unclocked new features with a 4k video capture capability, electronic image stabilization, voice controls in multiple languages. The GoPro Hero 5 Black includes features present in the recent model with a 2-inch touchscreen display, GPS, three microphones, and waterproofing of up to 30 feet without requiring a separate case as the older models did.

The newest GoPro cameras are coming to the market on Oct. 2. The Hero5 Black will come at a suggested retail price of $399, while the Hero 5 Session will be available at a $299 price point.

Furthermore, GoPro took a step further in the action camera market as it launched its first drone dubbed as Karma. The device is said to be the important product coming to GoPro's lineup this year with key features boasting a self-launching and self-landing gadget that has an option to use voice activation commands for control.

However, the specs indicate that the new Karma isn't a camera or a drone or image stabilization technology, but a keychain attachment that could quickly send video footages from your GoPro camera to your phone.

GoPro is proud of the improvement it sent to video editing software, particularly with the development of the Quik app that basically makes it easier for users to create great videos.

With the problems that drone users have been encountering regarding data transfer, GoPro developed the Quik Key, a microSD reader that is compatible with Apple's iPhone or iPad. The device is meant to be small, enabling users to attach it to a keychain or can be used independently with a carbineer that is included in the package. The product is compatible only with Apple, but is said to become open to other devices, given the first drone product Karma will be successful.

The Capture app, which is what smartphone users use to control the GoPro cameras remotely and download media to the smartphone, will be the point of connection to Quik Key data. People can also download individual images, full videos, or sections of a videos with the said app.

In addition, the Apple Lightning adapter speeds up data transfer that is promised to be faster than a wireless connection. As this feature is seen unnecessary by some users, it will be useful for viewing, downloading, and editing GoPro content in the field. Plus, this saves the battery from rapidly draining when a Gopro cam is sending content to a smartphone.

According to past reports, GoPro has been receiving some negative feedback in the past as GoPro's cameras have a relatively painful process of turning photos and videos into sharable content. The improved editing apps developed helped the process, but the Quick Key for quick file-transferring is viewed as a great step in making GoPro an almost perfect action camera to use, most especially now that the video quality of the cameras is higher requiring larger data transfers and longer transfer time.

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