YouTube Heroes Invites Users To Help Take Down Pornography, Terrorism And Copyright Infringements

YouTube is inarguably the most ubiquitous video streaming site in the world. With millions of people watching, downloading or uploading videos at any given moment, moderating the site has become a colossal task for the company.

Ever since its inception, the site has been a haven of fantastic and creative video content, but also vitriolic comments and harmful videos that blatantly violate the site's safety guidelines.

YouTube's moderators have had to face a plethora of problematic content on a daily basis, on matters like copyright issues, community guidelines, and even radical terrorism.

The company recently has admitted that the task is too large for the site to bear alone and so now it is calling out to its community to help keep the site safe by asking users and supporters to help moderate the site through its latest initiative: "YouTube Heroes."

"YouTube Heroes" was launched Tuesday, Sept. 20, DigitalTrends reports. Through the program, the company is hoping to attract a global squad of volunteer contributors that would help protect and enrich YouTube for all its users and communities.

To be a YouTube Hero, a user need not be a regular uploader of videos. Anyone who has a Google account is eligible to apply.

Akin to Reddit's points system, YouTube Heroes will be given points for work they do like reporting malicious content that do not follow community guidelines, assisting others in the YouTube Help forums, and writing subtitles in videos.

According to reports, YouTube will reward users for their efforts by giving them special perks like early access to special video workshops and sneak previews of products before they are made available to the public.

Moderators level up the more they contribute. When they reach Level 3, they will be given authority to moderate any community content and flag any videos within the site. 

The higher the level of the hero, the greater perks they get like getting direct access to YouTube staff. When they reach the highest level, Level 5, YouTube will allow them to join a "Heroes Summit."

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