Pokemon Sun And Moon Updates: Version-Exclusive Pokemon, Sick Z-Moves, More Ultra-Beasts, And New Features

November can't come any sooner as Nintendo keeps teasing us with new Pokemon Sun and Moon cute features. If you're getting impatient, here are more reasons to look forward to the new Pokemon Sun and Moon, and possibly more reasons to buy a Nintendo 3DS.

Version-Exclusive Pokemon


Passimian is a Fighting type Pokemon exclusive for Pokemon Sun. If you plan on playing Pokemon Moon, the only way to obtain Passimian is through trading with other players who plays Pokemon Sun.

Passimian attacks by lobbing berries at foes and works better with other teams as he is a Teamwork Pokemon.

Passimian's ability is called "Receiver" and no other Pokemon has ever had this ability before. With the Receiver ability, Passimian can inherit the ability of an ally who has fainted in battle.


Oranguru is a Pokemon Moon exclusive, Normal/Psychic type Pokemon. They live deeply in the forest and meditate on top of trees. They're kind, friendly Pokemon who provides medicine for the injured and food for the hungry.

They sometimes act on their own, and can be quite a hard Pokemon to handle from a trainer's perspective.

"Intruct" is Oranguru's special ability and it can make the selected target use its most recent move again.

Lycanroc Midday And Midnight Form

Rockruff is a Rock-type Puppy Pokemon and has two different evolutions depending on the version. Lycanroc Midday Form and Lycanroc Midnight Form.

In its Midday Form, it resembles a brown wolf. While in its Midnight Form, it's closer to a werewolf. Midday Form is only exclusive for Pokemon Sun while the Midnight Form is only available in Pokemon Moon.

Sick Z-Moves

We've previously learned about Snorlax's Pulverizing Pancake and Raichu's Stoked Sparksurfer, now more Z-Moves have been revealed.

The new confirmation video brought by The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel includes a sneak peak of everybody's favorite Pokemon - Pikachu dancing with its trainer. It's a cutscene of Pikachu's exclusive Z-Move cleverly named "Catastropika". It's Pikachu's new powerful attack move where it borrows the trainer's strength, wraps itself in high-voltage electricity, and charges toward its foes.

Eevee also has an exclusive Z-Move called the "Extreme Evoboost", which gathers all of the eeveelutions and grants eevee their powers. This is a powerful buff that raises Eevee's Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed by 2.

New Features

Nintendo has finally revealed more features for their upcoming 3DS game; one of which, is a much more in-depth character customization with far more options than the previous game, Pokemon X and Y. This means we'll be seeing very different characters, showcasing an assortment of personality and discernability from one another.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will also have the new feature called Pokemon Refresh. It's an option in the game where you can groom your Pokemon, brush them clean, pet them, and even give them heart-shaped treats called "Poke Beans". You can take care of your Pokemon after they get dirty from battle, and even cure their status ailments. This way, your Pokemon will grow very affectionate and loyal.

More Ultra Beasts

More Ultra Beasts are making their debut in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

UB-02 Absorption is an Ultra Beast from Pokemon Sun, and his entire body is said to be covered in "bulging powerful muscles." This Ultra Beast possess amazing strength and a long mouth rumored to be harder than diamond.

UB-02 Beauty is the exact opposite of Absorption, and dwells in Pokemon Moon. It possesses narrow and graceful legs that grants it amazing speed. Any Pokemon regardless of gender can also become infatuated with UB-02 Beauty and possibly lose the will to fight.

You can watch more of the update here:

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