New Dishonored 2 Gameplay Video: Corvo Shows Off Creative Kills Combination With Emily

Assassin's Creed and Bioshock's lovechild is back! And Bethesda just recently released a new gameplay trailer for their new Dishonored game.

Creative Kills

These "seemingly limitless" creative kills were showcased in the gameplay trailer, and Dishonored 2 offers a brand new way of playing the game with creative combinations of their supernatural abilities, weapons, and gadgets used to dispatch the enemies. Make a comeback as a supernatural assassin and you can choose to play as the returning royal protector, Corvo Attano, or his daughter "Empress Emily Kaldwin".

Skillful players will be able to combine each of the two main characters' abilities, some of which are supernatural in nature.

The New Dishonored Game Features Voiced Characters

For those who have played the first Dishonored game, you would know Corvo wasn't voiced. Now Dishonored 2 will have two voiced characters. Creative director Harvey Smith told Gamespot and explained that giving Corvo and Emily a voice allows the game to be "warmer" and easier to navigate for the sequel.

Harvey Smith also added that adding voice to the characters have been useful to him as a developer, like bringing attention to a certain thing within the game and he could just have the characters point it out. "When something happens [in the game], and [Corvo or Emily] respond in a dialogue, you get a sense of the emotional reaction of the character."

Not only does it make the game warmer, it gives the gamer more clues, which makes it not only easier for the level designers, but it also lets the players understand the characters much better.

Gameplay Video

In the gameplay video, you will see Emily and Corvo combine their powers as they take out guards in different and creative ways. My personal favorite would be them showing their special powers like Emily Kaldwin's "Shadow Walk" and Corvo Attano's "Bend Time".

Dishonored 2 launches in November 11, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

You can watch the gameplay trailer here:

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