Rumors Claim That Google Will Not Launch Any Nexus 2016 Phone

It seems that this year Google will discontinue its Nexus phone line and its next mobile devices are called instead Pixel phones. Google has just announced its launch events on October 4, taking place in San Francisco and London. A different launch event date is scheduled for Australia, on October 5.

Google Discontinues Nexus Phone Line

Last year, Google chose Huawei and LG as manufacturers for its Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P mobile devices. It was the first year when the high-tech giant had two new Nexus phones in the range. This year, Google may repeat the same strategy, but with different phone name and with HTC in charge of the entire production.

There were previous rumors claiming that Google is dropping the Nexus brand and choosing the name "Pixel" instead. The leaked names of the two upcoming mobile devices from Google are the Pixel and the Pixel XL. The high-tech company will market them both as the first phones "made by Google."

According to Know Your Mobile, Google will also unveil an updated version of its Chromecast. The new release of Google's operating system for netbooks will come with built in support for HDTVs and 4K content.

The Upcoming Google Pixel Phones

According to Digital Trends, Google has aired the October 4 teaser advertisement on various TV networks, on Monday Night Football. This ad is signaling a clear move to market the upcoming Pixel mobile devices to a broader audience.

Google has also launched a new website that that mentions the San Francisco event, scheduled for October 4. The website presents a series of photos in the outline of a smartphone. Even if there's no explanation on these photographs, we may suppose they represent the upcoming Pixel smartphones.

Other photos detailing the front and back of the upcoming Pixel phone come from Android Police, shared by an anonymous tipster. The images depict a white Pixel device, but other rumored color options are blue and black.

The back of the phone shows the glass top, noticeably colored lighter than the bottom. The camera, the fingerprint sensor and a few other sensors are located there.

Expect for some large bezels, the front looks pretty standard. The new Android boot animation seems to be running on the regular Pixel phone allegedly depicted in the photo.

Other previously leaked images have shown the display panels of the upcoming Pixel and the Pixel XL. According to, the leaks came from a Hong Kong parts dealer.

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