Designated Survivor Elects Kiefer Sutherland As The Next President Of America

ABC's Designated Survivor apparently scares many. It tells of a tale involving the loss of a president, his entire Cabinet, the Supreme Court and everyone in attention at the State of the Union address because of a terrorist attack. Good news is, Kiefer Sutherland is here to save the day.

Kiefer Sutherland will save the country by becoming the President of the United States as Tom Kirkman. He became president after the terrifying attack has wiped off the county's entire leadership.

"I kind of look at it as I've just gotten older. It's a demotion if you will," Sutherland joked to E!. "A couple of friends of mine that worked on the pilot made more than a few jokes that I've finally gotten old enough to play the president."

David Guggenheim, the Designated Survivor's director, is delighted to work with Sutherland in his new role.

The pilot episode of Designated Survivor depicts a terror-stricken U.S. capitol that has been reduced to ashes because of a sudden explosion caused by a terrorist attack.

Kirkman, the lesser Cabiner member, has been chosen as the designated survivor on the night the of the State of the Union Address- therefore leaving the U.S. Government with a top official to take charge in case of a national crisis.

Most White House insiders are not convinced Kirkman is cut out for the job.

But here is where Designated Survivor gets more interesting: FBI Agent Hannah Wells, played by Maggie Q., suspects that the attacks may have more controversial origins. Hannah's probing will form a series of adrenaline-filled scenes that made Designated Survivor more fascinating as it evolves one series after the other.

Kirkman's character may be a bit less hard-edged than Sutherland's iconic role as Jack Bauer, however it is still able to satisfy the "hero" fantasy among viewers as one man unexpectedly takes charge and saves the day.

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