Here's How Pokemon GO Battling, Trading Systems Work

Pokemon GO has been around for quite a while already, but most players will agree that it needs to offer more. Two of the biggest features the community is hoping to arrive are the so-called Battling and Trading systems. While Niantic hasn't officially announced their release, it seems details have been revealed.

According to BGR, the highly anticipated Pokemon GO Trading feature has already been teased in a trailer in the past few months. However, since then, it hasn't found its way to the game just yet. Hence the anticipation towards the system grow more each day.

Although the studio didn't reveal any information pertaining to the aforementioned Pokemon GO system, a great number of fans have been able to mine data about it. Below is a quick rundown based on the code dump found in 0.37.1 APK:

  • Pokemon GO players will have the ability to search others to initiate trade.
  • Trade Offers can be created, cancelled and even completed.
  • The system can only trade Pokemon.
  • Trade Search's visibility and range remains unknown, while trading worldwide seems an impossible feat.
  • If trading fails after connection is lost, the app will retry the activity once its available.

Similar to the Trading System, Pokemon GO players have also desired for a Battling feature to arrive. In an interview with Techcrunch, Niantic's CEO John Hanke revealed the possibility of adding such in the game. He mentioned, however, that they would need a good amount of time to consider it, as they want to ensure that any feature added to the game wouldn't affect the overall difficulty and technicalities.

With the impending arrival of a Battling system, it's safe to say that Pokemon GO might introduce a multiplayer feature. For instance, players from different teams can choose to team up so as to defeat an even stronger gym. And what's interesting? This is something that the company is looking to add as well, as per Archit Bhargava, the Global Product Marketing Leader.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO having Trading and Battling systems? Do you want these features to arrive? Tell us at the comment section below!

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