iPad Pro 2 May Come In 3 Variants By March 2017

Amidst the hundreds and thousands that vie to get their hands on the new iPhone 7 smartphones, there are also many who are more iPad-dependent and waiting for a new tablet to be released by Apple. As per the last company event, there was no confirmation about the arrival of a new iPad. However, rumor has it that Apple is planning to release the new iPad Pro 2 next year.

IPad Pro 2 News

Official news may be scarce but according to rumors, the iPad Pro will be arriving in three models, each with a different size. There will be a 12.9-inch unit, a 9.7-inch unit, and a mid-sized unit that is equipped with a 10.5-inch screen. Aside from the size difference, these three models would also be powered by different processors. The 9.7-inch model will use Apple's A9X chipset while the other two will use the A10X chip.

Among the speculated iPads that are coming up, the iPad Pro Mini could be the most interesting as it is rumored to take the place of the iPad Mini. If true, this would allow the company to narrow down their products and make them more distinguishable.

iPad Pro 2 Specs

Additional specs rumored about the new iPad Pro 2 is that they will come with a water resistant build and a lighter body. Furthermore, the new iPads are also expected to put focus on writing and drawing functions. Other iPad-specific improvements are also expected, such as improvements in navigation, zooming, pinching, and panning. Additionally, a source also mentioned that the new iPad Pro 2 will come with improved Apple Pencil integration. This means that the use of the stylus will no longer be limited to some apps. It can become as useful in other important applications too, like messaging and email.

iPad Pro 2 Release Date

According to the source, the new iPad Pro 2 will come next year. Although none of these are verified by Apple, it was said that the device is going to be released March 2017.

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