Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Update: Customers Opt For Refunds Rather Than Replacements, Survey Says

The Galaxy Note 7 is making Samsung lose customers. The Korean tech giant said recently that 500,000 smartphone replacements had arrived in the U.S. also and are available for exchange this week. By far, it has exchanged roughly 25 percent of Note 7 devices from U.S. customers. A Samsung representative said a "vast majority" have chosen a different Galaxy smartphone.

The Survey from SurveyMonkey

Yet, a late survey proposes that most of the first buyers, the excited fans who stormed in to get the widely praised smartphone in its first weeks of its release, want to avoid the Note 7 the second time around. SurveyMonkey discovered more than 33 percent of those who own the phone stated that they will choose a refund instead of a different model, as indicated by an online survey of 507 Americans this weekend.

Around 35 percent confirmed they will look for a reimbursement, while percent stated that they will purchase an iPhone instead, Samsung's biggest rival smartphone in the U.S. Another 21 percent confirmed they would choose another Samsung phone. The most telling of them all is that only 18 percent said they are happy to stay with the Note 7.

Samsung will rise again

The survey's results hint harder struggles for Samsung after a million phone recalls, which analysts foresee could hinder one the world's most successful smartphone dealer about $904 million.

But Samsung's recall might be only a temporary damage to its reputation since the general quality of its products is good, explained David Rogers, a brand expert and faculty member at Columbia Business School. So long as Samsung keeps on reaching out to people, the crisis should diminish in a couple of months, Rogers says.

"Samsung has built a strong following with consumers buying multiple versions of its phones," Rogers said. "It is in a position of strength as the No. 2 brand in the smartphone category, after Apple. If this was a start-up, it would have a problem."

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