United Nations Continues To Battle Climate Change

Almost more than 55 countries have signed the Paris Agreement to stop greenhouse gas emissions. According to the UN, more than 20 leaders submitted legal documents to formally include their countries in international efforts to solve climate change.

The countries that submitted the documents have their own ways on how they can help fight climate change. There are no sanctions for countries that weren't able to perform their chosen job, though. The UN let the countries do their work voluntarily.

"I am confident that, by the time I leave office, the Paris Agreement will have entered into force," UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon said in a statement, following a high-level event on the Paris Agreement's entry into force at UN Headquarters in New York. "This will be a major achievement for multilateralism." Ban added.

In order to take effect, the deal, which was agreed by nearly 200 countries in Paris last December, needs ratification by at least 55 countries representing 55 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. Ban said the 60 countries represented more than 47.5 percent.

Ban was thrilled that what once he thought was impossible was now attainable. Countries are now uniting for one same purpose. Ban will be resigning next year and he expressed his happines for what he will achieve.

India, the third world's largest polluter will essentially allow its emissions to triple by 2030, which is an improvement. India's climate strategy does include references to Gandhi and yoga.

Surprisingly, China, the world's largest polluter, passed their detailed plan regarding their emissions. China plans to put a national cap-and-trade system in place starting 2017. But China has also been plagued by questions about its own emissions data.

"If I'm Singapore and I see China's doing it, that leads me to do it," said Jonathan Pershing, the American climate envoy. "If I'm a Latin American country and I see Mexico's doing it, I'll do it too."

After the UN's non-stop negotiations with other countries, their hard work is apparently starting to pay off.

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