Minecraft Education Edition: Educators Step Back To Use Student-Centered Learning Through Technology And Gaming

Let it be unsaid from here on that video games are unproductive and violent. Because on November 1, Microsoft will begin selling their new Education Edition of Minecraft.

A Platform For Learning

Minecraft Education Edition is developed by Microsoft Mojang studio as a new student-centered learning platform and version of the megahit video game Minecraft. According to the The Minecraft Education Edition Team, educators can now use Minecraft Education as a platform for learning by engaging, motivating, and inspiring students to do more and ignite their passion for it.

According to Microsoft, it's a progressive and effective way for students to "learn digital citizenship concepts, clear communication techniques, and inclusive approaches to teamwork to achieve shared goals - skills that prepare them for their futures. Educators can map their projects and activities in Minecraft directly to specific learning outcomes and curriculum standards." Families can also benifit from the new edition as an open learning environment like Minecraft encourages dependence and self-direction. Children can learn naturally through obervation and by trial-and-error.

Price And Release Updates

An early access of the Minecraft Educaion Edition was actually released in June and more than 35,000 students and educators around the world have used it to provide the developers feedback in order to tweak and improve the game before its intended official release. Some of the original features can be seen here. They will still continue to update Minecraft Education Edition as they recieve feedback from the users, adding more features for the game and the classroom even after the release in November.

Minecraft Education Edition's complete version can be purchased on November 1, 2016 for $5 per user annually, or it can also be purchased at a district-wide licensing model.

Learn about how Minecraft Education Edition is transforming the classroom, students, and educators here:

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