Steam's Subnautica Gets Dangerous Creatures Update

Subnautica just released their dangerous creatures update and the game looks awesome!

What Is Subnautica?

Subnautica is an early-access open-world survival game currently still under construction. Being available in early access allows the game to be enjoyed by the world in full view as it's being built. Subnautica lets you dive into the depths of an alien underwater world. You can craft equipment, pilot submarines, and explore the beautiful coral reefs, volcanoes, and cave systems while trying to stay alive. It's being developed by Unknown Worlds - an independent game developer that also developed Natural Selection 2.

Subnautica Update: Dangerous Creatures

Unknown Worlds Entertainment released a video featuring their new update for the game. They added new dangerous creatures that can be seen within the game as you play.

Sea Dragon Leviathan

The Sea Gradon Leviathan is a huge dragon-like creature with tentacles and claws. It's a colossale aggressive beast that attacks with its big teeth and claws. Unknown World also described this beast as a creature who spits magma rocks and incendiary matter. It is well adapted to volcanic environments.

The Warper

This guy looks like a praying mantis and a Xenomorph had a lovechild. Watch out though, it can throw warp globes that can teleport the player into striking distance. It has a pair of scythe arms that it uses to punch. It can also teleport the player from their vehicles to make them more vulnerable to other predators outside.

Ghost And Crimson Ray

Depicted as "hauntingly beautiful birds of the sea", they can be seen gliding and swimming gracefully around their respective biomes. The Crimson Ray can be found in the Lava Zone and the Ghost Ray can be found in the new Lost RIver Zone.

The Tree Cove

The Tree Cove is a newly added section in the Lost River Zone. Players are advised to take the time here to meditate and watch the Ghost Rays as they glide around the tree.

The Final Abandoned Base And Other Additions

Another visually simulating section they added is the Final Abandoned Base. They also added the Kyanite Crystal, Heat Damage, and Main Menu Logo. 

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