Flybrix Kits Let You Build Lego Drones

On Thursday, Sept. 22, Flybrix started to ship Lego kits for building custom toy drones. A basic kit comes at an introductory price of $149, while a deluxe kit costs $189.

Flybrix Lego Drone Kits

According to Tech Crunch, Flybrix is a San Francisco-based startup, co-founded in 2015 by Robb Walters, Amir Hirsch and Holly Kasun. Since then, the company has been developing its technology at a foundry for hardware startups called Lemnos Labs.

According to Gizmodo, while most toy drones come with a couple of spare propellers to fix them after a crash, you can easily rebuild Flybix drones and get airborne again within minutes even after a collision with the ground, since the drone is mostly made from Lego. The Flybrix startup company is not officially affiliated with Lego, but their building blocks are completely compatible with the world's most popular company for building toys.

The build-a-drone kits comprised of Lego bricks, motors and boom arms are catering for kids age 14 and up. Assembling the drones by using the Lego kits doesn't require soldering. Once assembled, the lightweight Flybrix drones are meant to be flown indoors.

In addition to the collection of Lego parts that comes with each Flybrix kit, the aircrafts are completely customizable using other the Lego blocks. The number of drone's motors can be even increased from four, to six or eight, in order to increase the custom Lego drone's lift capabilities.

The Flybrix kits come with custom boom-arm bricks that allow them to be attached to the custom drone creations, propellers and motors, all the cables necessary to wire the drones and a pre-programmed Arduino-compatible flight control circuit board. The Lego drone kits are easily to be assembled together.

Piloting a Lego toy drone can be done using a smartphone with a Bluetooth flight control app. The mobile device's touchscreen plays the role of flying control interface via the free accompanying Flybrix Android and iOS apps. The  deluxe Flybrix Lego drone version includes a physical RC controller that makes it even easier for amateurs to control the drone and fly without crashing. 

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