GTA 5, Max Payne 3 And Other Rockstar Titles Are On Huge Discounts In Steam

For fans of GTA 5, Max Payne 3 and other Rockstar titles, this is surely a treat. These games are currently on sale in Steam. With massive discounts on each of them, players and fans alike can definitely get their money's worth.

According to GameSpot, a good number of Rockstar titles are currently on discount in Steam. The sale starts now until Monday, September 26 (10 AM PT). For those who found joy in stealing cars, they can surely experience it in GTA 5. If shooting sprees in slow motion is their thing, then Max Payne 3 is worth buying. As for those who're fine with jumbled words, the English class in Bully is their best bet.

Over the weekend, GTA 5 will only cost around $40. Max Payne 3, on the other hand, can be purchased at $10.50. Lastly, Bully is on a whopping sale of only $5.25. But of course, the list of Rockstar titles on sale doesn't stop there. Fans can also get hold of L.A. Noire for only $7, while the inclusion of a DLC will only cost $9.

Below is a summary of other GTA installments on discount along with their respective prices:

  • GTA 3 -- $3.50
  • GTA: Vice City -- $3.50
  • GTA: San Andreas -- $5.25
  • GTA 4 -- $7
  • GTA: Episodes From Liberty City -- $7

It's worth noting that GTA fans can buy these games in three unique bundles. These are the GTA Collection ($15), GTA: The Trilogy ($9) and a package that already includes GTA 4 and San Andreas ($10.50).

Furthermore, fans can opt to purchase a bundle that already comes with the Max Payne series. From Max Payne to Max Payne 2 to Max Payne 3 (including a DLC), can be bought for only $16.50. Sure enough, these are prices players wouldn't dare to miss.

For interested gamers, they can check the full list of games on sale here.

Which Rockstar titles are you looking to buy? Are you going for the Max Payne series, or perhaps the GTA franchise? Share us what you're up to at the comment section below!

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