Why The iPhone 8 Will Be Better Than The iPhone 7?

Apple just recently launched its newest iPhone, the iPhone 7, to the world. With that, it brought a lot of emotions from the fans. Some are looking to purchase it right away, while some are considering foregoing the 7 and going straight for next year's release, the iPhone 8.

How so? Well, since Apple had decided to remove the headphone jack and go for a sleeker design, it makes people wonder what the 8 would be like instead of thinking about buying the 7. Apple's latest innovations just made people think that the 8 would be much better than the 7. Well, let's break it down based on speculations and see for ourselves.

iPhone 8 leaks

Apple has yet to give hints, or even talk about the iPhone 8, which makes sense since the 7 is still topping the markets. But reports have already been swirling that the iPhone 8 will be a major upgrade that will most definitely include an all-powerful, all-glass curved OLED screen.

The iPhone 8 has also been speculated to have no home button. Instead, it will be replaced with a Touch Identification scanner under the screen. What this does is that it will allow users to customize their screens towards their liking. Such an innovation will also make wireless charging possible.

Should you get the 7 or wait for the 8?

It's all up to you. Whether you wait for the iPhone 8 or go for the iPhone 7, everything is in your hands. A lot of avid Apple buyers and enthusiasts have been hearing multiple rumors, leaks, and speculations regarding the iPhone 8.

But they are in a dilemma now since, as good as these iPhone 8 rumors are, there's still no beating having the hottest smartphone right now. But if you think that your current phone is still functional and there's really no need to buy a new one just yet, you can opt to wait for the iPhone 8 instead. The ball is in your court.

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