'The Blacklist' Season 4 Premiere Recap: Red Looking For Liz; Is Kirk Really Liz’s Father?

"The Blacklist" is back with its fourth season. The one-hour long episode was fast paced and picked up exactly where it left from last season.

Just a bit of a refresher from the season 3 of "The Blacklist," Red hunts down his rival Alexander Kirk and stumbled upon the fact that Elizabeth Keen has faked her own death. Liz flew to Cuba with Tom and baby Agnes but was unfortunately kidnapped by Kirk and his men. And the biggest plot twist, Kirk is the biological father of Liz.

Flash forward to tonight's premiere, Kirk tries to convince Liz that he really is her father and revealed more details about it. He revealed that her mom had a brief affair with Red and he was worried that the baby she was carrying then was Red's. Now he is sure than ever that he is her dad.

The FBI finally got wind of Liz's fake death and though they are bummed about it, especially Samar who cannot seem to get over it, they still tried to rescue her.

Their rescue mission got a bit complicated and it even got the US Marshal on board. Tom managed to run away from his captors. However, despite Liz's attempts, she was unable to shake off Kirk and his men.

Baby Agnes, on the other hand, got rescued by Mr. Kaplan, but only for a while. A few moments later, Mr. Kaplan and Red got into an altercation with another vehicle and went through the woods. The two men were knocked unconscious but thankfully, baby Agnes seemed fine.

However, the very lucid Mr. Kaplan saw one of Kirk's men taking baby Agnes from the backseat and eventually walking away with her.

It sure is an exciting start for "The Blacklist" season 4 and fans are craving for more.

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