PS4 Slim, Pro Update: PS4 Slim Nothing But Copycat With Less Power Consumption, Thinner Dimensions; PS4, Xbox One Can Spotify While Playing

Owners of the PlayStation 4 need not trade in for the slimmer PS4 because the specs are pretty much the same. However, for those who are getting the PlayStation 4 for the first time and are on a budget, it should be noted that the PlayStation 4 Slim costs only $299 while the original PS4 can be purchased at $349. What makes it cheaper is the thinner dimensions of the PS4 Slim and lesser maximum power consumption at 165W. 

The PlayStation 4 has been revealed by Sony on Sept. 7 and it showed three different models of the gaming console in the market. Sony revealed the updated PS4 console called the PS4 Slim as well as the new PS4 Pro. The PS4 also included Spotify podcasts to play in the background.

For those without budget constraints, take note that the new PlayStation 4 Pro runs on a more powerful GPU, an AMD Radeon at 4.2 TFLOP, which is almost three times the GPU of the other models. Of all the three models, only the PS4 Pro is equipped with 4K support which will match all the 4K games that are coming in 4K.

The Pro can also stream 4K videos. However, these features also affect the Pro's hardware. The Pro consumes the most power of the three due to its updated GPU chip. It should also be noted that buying the Pro version requires buying or owning a 4K television as well.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 4 will now allow playing podcasts in the background through the Spotify app. This feature means that both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can now play podcasts while running a game. However, users have noted that Spotify searches need to be done on a smartphone and not on the gaming console. Additionally, Spotify lacks some podcasts such as ESPN, The Giant Bombcast, among others.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is expected to roll out on Nov.10 but is already available for pre-order. The premium price is at $299 but Videogamer reportedly spotted the gaming console for a lot less, at $249 at Amazon. Interestingly, Amazon also offers trade-in options where the PS4 can be purchased under $150.

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