'New Girl' Season 6 Episode 1, 2 Recap And Preview: Schimdt And Cece Gets A New House; Jess Confronts Feelings For Nick

"New Girl" Season 6 kicked off its pilot episode with a bang! In Episode 1, which was directed by Zooey Deschanel a.k.a. Jess herself, the newlywed Schimdt and Cece are out house hunting. Meanwhile, Winston tries a long-distance relationship with Aly. Plus, Nick comes back early from New Orleans. Check out the recap below.

Is Aly's Sister The Worst Realtor Ever?

It can be recalled that Aly is away at FBI training and being the good boyfriend that he is, Winston recommends Aly's sister, Leslie (Ayden Mayeri) to Schmidt and Cece. Apparently, Leslie's awful at her job as a realtor.

Leslie find's Schimdt and Cece's dream home - which isn't actually in the market when they meet its resident. Awkward! Eventually, Winston fired her on behalf of the couple.

Schmidt And Cece Go House Hunting Themselves 

Following the epic failure of Aly in finding the newlywed's dream house in "New Girl" Season 6, Schimdt and Cece decided to look for it themselves. Jess, being the best friend that she is, volunteered herself to help since she's trying keep her mind off Nick. Unfortunately, Schimdt wants to be hands on as a couple, so it's a no for Jess.

Sure enough, Schimdt shows how meticulous he is when it comes to house hunting, nitpicking even the littlest things.   In the end, the couple buy a fixer upper. Does this mean the newlyweds will be living at the loft all season while they renovate their home?

Jess Confronts Her Feelings For Nick   

In "New Girl" Season 6 Episode 1, Jess has been very busy trying to keep her mind off Nick. She's been engaging to different activities like woodworking and learning a new language.

So when Nick suddenly showed up, Jess started to lose her cool. She totally freaks out when she saw him in the apartment and tried her best to avoid him at all cost.

Luckily, Winston shed some light on her and convinced her to confront her feelings for Nick. Jess literally made the first move as she steps inside Nick's room and talks to him like a normal human being. She makes her best effort to learn to be friends again with the man she still loves.

Catch "New Girl" Season 6 Episode 2 titled "Hubbedy Bubby" on Sept. 27.

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