How Wonder Girls' Yeeun and 2AM's Jinwoon Hid Their Relationship For Two Years

Wonder Girls' member Yeeun, 27, and and 2AM's Jeong Jinwoon, 25, revealed that they are dating but what shocked fans more is the fact that the two have been doing so for two years and counting! How did the two popular idols evade the cameras of paparazzi and hawk-like eyes of the fans?

JYP Entertainment and Mystic Entertainment confirmed the relationship rumors about the two in a recent official statement.

"Yenny and Jinwoon have built up a special relationship by being under the same company and by sharing their musical interests," the statement from JYP Entertainment read, as reported by All Kpop  "The two, who shared a common denominator called music, went from friends to lovers toward the beginning of 2014, and continue to maintain their relationship even after Jinwoon signed on with Mystic Entertainment."

A report from the same news outlet said that the two were able to keep their relationship under wraps by dating each other while they were with mutual friends. The fact that they were previously in the same company and are both in the music industry also helped.

On the other hand, Yeeun apologized to fans about hiding their relationship: "I don't know what to say because I am sorry to fans. I was very worried but I'm glad that there are a lot of fans that are giving me courage. I am very cautious because fans might have been hurt for a long time," she said.

Yeeun and Jinwoon have often collaborated for various songs; however, that is a regular sight among idols nowadays so they evaded suspicion. Reports say that their relationship was a secret even to close friends. Even with Jinwoon transferring to Mystic Entertainment, the two continued to see each other bonded tightly by their love for music.


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