Makoto Shinkai's 'Your Name' Hits 10 Billion Yen In Japan; Movie Slated For US Release

Makoto Shinkai's animated film "Your Name," also known as "Kimi no Na wa," has earned 10 billion yen in less than a month and is now scheduled for international release.

According to a report from Anime News Network, as of Sept. 22, "Your Name" has sold more than 7.7 million tickets for its first four weeks in Japanese theaters and has ranked number one toppling monster live-action film "Shin Godzilla."

The film premiered during an Anime Expo in Los Angeles on July 3, and is now scheduled for release in 85 countries and cities.

"Your Name" features the miracle love story of Mitsuha and Taki. Mitsuha is a female highschool student in the suburbs. Her family owns a Shinto shrine and she performs ceremonies with her younger sister during festivals, but she honestly doesn't like it especially when her classmates see her. Add to her problems her father's participation in the election campaign, and guess what? She is also randomly switching bodies with a boy.

This boy, Taki, is an architecture student in Tokyo who is in love with a senpai at his part-time job. As their life gets rumbled they try to set rules on each other when they get switched. Mitsuha helps Taki hook up with his senpai and Mitsuha is also getting popular in school (getting confessions even from girls) because of Taki. But, they are both starting to like each other. One day the switching stops and Taki decides to go to Mitsuha's province only to discover that it has been destroyed by a meteorite three years ago! Taki embarks on a journey against time to save Mitsuha and the town.

The animated film has also confirmed a novelization written by director Makoto Shinkai himself, Crunchyroll reported. The book has already been printed in 1,029,000 copies in Japan and has estimated sales of 292,483 copies in three weeks.


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