‘Street Fighter 5’ Update Brings New Stage Transitions Which You Need To Humiliate Your Opponent

"Street Fighter 5" has just received a new update that brings all the goodies every gamer would want to humiliate opponents. The update also brings new features and nine new stage transitions after knockout.

Described as "good and goofy," the new stage transitions brought by the new update released by Capcom for "Street Fighter 5" is what every passionate fighter wants for his/her opponent to fall into. In a YouTube video uploaded by a user named Charles Lupula, it shows the patch 1.06 version of the battle game with nine new stage transitions after knockouts.

Aside from the old China Town stage, new sets include the Shadaloo Base, Hillside Plaza, Underground Arena, Forgotten Waterfall, Union Station, Kanzuki Estate, City in Chaos, Apprentice Alley and Layer of the Four Kings.

One of the most notable stage transitions is the setting where the two elephants would catch the losing opponent using their tusks. Another remarkable transition setting is where the losing opponent would catch a footlong hotdog on his/her head.

Other stage transitions include being caged in an ancient tomb, being transported to a public toilet, and being shoved inside a recess of a tree trunk, among others.

Apart from the new stage transitions, the update also includes a new DLC character named Urien, new color options for the costumes of the characters, Versus CPU mode and more daily challenges to gain more Fight Money.

The Versus CPU has been tagged as the best newcomer as it will help players enhance their skills against the CPU before heading out on a more rigid fight online. Meanwhile, Season Pass holders will be able to get even more colors for their characters. The thong-wearing Urien is available for purchase.

As of now, Patch 1.06 is only available for PlayStation 4 clocking in at 7.187GB in size.

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