Why Did iPhone 7 Lose The Headphone Jack?

You may be one of those people who missed the headphone jack in iPhone 7 - here's the reason why it has been missing in action. 

There have been a lot of intimidation and apprehension with the wireless technology that Apple launched just recently.

You may be wondering how you are gonna listen to music without headphones.

You may even be thinking that removing the headphone jack was a marketing ploy of Apple to make you buy the wireless earbuds.

You may be scared the wireless headphones may get lost, fall into the gutters, or get eaten by pets.

Why did iPhone 7 removed the headphone jack anyway?

There may have been a lot of reactions to iPhone 7. However, you need to know a few facts in order to appreciate better the ever- changing technology:

1. The headphone jack in iPhone 7 looks small on the outside. In the inside, it requires a huge box to accommodate the plug. This big plug gets in the way of putting finer speakers or a better camera. Most phone makers would actually want to remove the headphone jack - and Apple's innovative technology made this possible.

2. The iPhone 7 box provides you with a new set of earbuds that fit into the charging jack. The box also contains an adapter that allows you to plug any headphones with the headphone cable; which you can also buy for $9.

3. If you haven't noticed, innovation has evolved in wireless technology. Everything has turned wireless. There are a number of Bluetooth earbuds - including iPhone 7's very own Airpods.

4. The iPhone 7's Airpods are sold at $160. The Airpods recharge from their case. They pair perfectly and they are optional.

5. If you want the wire for your iPhone 7, you actually get them for free. When using the wires however, you cannot charge the phone and use the headphones all at the same time.

If the changes will mean a longer battery life of 2 hours or much longer, a camera that eliminates blurry shots and stereo speakers - then maybe, you will miss the headphone jacks in iPhone 7 a lot less.

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