Weekend Chill: 7 Video Game Based Movies That Are Worth Your Time

Looking back at 35 years of video game movie adaptation and arcade-inspired film history unveils a not-so-good-for-the eye collection of disappointments.

Based on historical figures, most - if not all, video game films spread across somewhere in between "ok, glad that's over" to just stopping the movie right away due to an extreme mixture of confusion and disappointment.

It's the weekend once again and IGN listed 7 video game inspired movies that may be worth your while.

Wreck-It Ralph

Ralph, a supposed video game protagonist, begins his journey towards becoming a hero. With a top voice talent, a surprising plot twist, and a very funny script, this makes Wreck-It Ralph the best video game movie for all ages. Yes, kids can watch this, no worries.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Michael Cera plays Scott as he describes his lonely and unemployed Canadian life. Mostly influenced by early-nineties pop culture, then there's love, of course, to fuel him on winning some girl's heart. To do this, he needs to battle her seven ex boyfriends of pure evil. The video game references drops at every nook and cranny of the script, with Zelda, Final Fantasy, Clash at Demonhead, Street Fighter, Crash and the Boys, DDR, and a plethora of other classics. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is truly an absolute gem.


For 40 years, the US lived under the threat of imminent total nuclear war with the Soviet Union. This movie taps into the mistrust of mutual guaranteed obliteration, infusing the hazard of eradication with the developing computer-age terror of AI and the total removal of human beings from making decisions.

Indie Game: The Movie

This one follows the work of 4 indie developers: McMillen (Super Meat Boy), Tommy Refenes and Edmund, Jonathan Blow (Braid), and Phil Fish (Fez). The filmmakers make the most out of their timed access to the unfiltered dreads of creators, stressed to the point that everything breaks. The result: drama that will glow with heartbreak and sincerity. You don't have to be interested about videogames to appreciate this film.

King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

This film is a documentary about 2 grown but socially-awkward men in the quest to capture the Donkey Kong world record. Though funny as it sounds, it reflects a compelling story, reflecting a real-world 'Rocky' but portrayed in the strangest ways. Very solid storytelling.

The Last Starfighter

This one is also silly but let's get that out of focus. Its low-budget effects sprinkled with a kid-movie vibe is unmistakable. Then again there's the 'I love you moment' which, depending on the viewer, is cringe-worthy. Though low on cost, the acting and humor justifies the movie's smooth storytelling.

Tron (1982)

They have light cycles! Anyway, similar to The Last Starfighter, much of Tron's unsavory reputation relies on being a video game movie created not in a time where anything rendered with computers was straightaway awesome. The pacing isn't great either, top it off with uneven writing but the concept is solid sci-fi. As far as the story goes, it's about Jeff Bridge's character being teleported into an unfriendly computer system forced to play video games - in gladiator style. Also, did I mention light cycles?!

With all that said, how do you plan your weekend? Picking up one of these movies? Hit us with your comments below.

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