Elon Musk On The Mars Colonization And Humans As A Multiplanetary Species

Elon Musk has a plan of a human colonization of Mars. He is on his way of pursuing this. Musk will deliver a speech at the 67th International Astronautical Congress in Mexico. It is called "Making Humans a Multi-planetary Species". He is scheduled to speak on September 27, 2016.

An Unmanned Exploration To Mars

Musk being the founder of Space Exploration Technologies Corp. has set his goals that concern human survival in other planets. He revealed earlier this year about the SpaceX Red Dragon. It will be an unmanned test going to Mars as early as 2018. This is according to NBC News.

The Dragon capsule 2 might not make it back to the Earth. This is if the test will be successful. A manned mission will be launched around 2025 or 2030s. It will be used to make the place habitable. It will also provide the fuel that is needed to move the rocket ship back home.

A Manned Mission Is A Risky Journey

SpaceX President and Chief Operating Office Gwynne Shotwell described the manned mission as "extreme camping". According to Bloomberg, she said that the journey is not like jumping from one place to another. There will also be unknown risks to the human body and psyche.

Complications of SpaceX

There are also difficulties in making this project into reality. The Falcon 9 rocket explosion on Sept. 1 is an example. The launch mishap in Cape Canaveral, Florida destroyed an Israeli communications satellite. Musk admitted that it's the most difficult and complex failure they ever had in 14 years.

The founder of the Mars Society and author of "The Case for Mars" Robert Zubrin has defended Musk's vision. He said that Mars is the closest planet to realistically settle in. Zubrin also added that Musk doesn't just want fame or money. According to him, Musk wants eternal glory for doing great deeds.

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