Ubisoft Says Nintendo NX Brings a New Definition of Gaming

Nintendo NX, the next generation of console from the Japanese gaming company, is out for production trials. Even Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot is excited when he first saw the NX. Guillemot said that he is interested in adding NX console on the next Ubisoft event.

'Different' Experience Of Gaming

Guillemot said in an interview with IGN that Nintendo NX is a gaming device that is appropriate with what the gamers want right now. He said, "I think, once again, the interface is very attractive."

In a separate presentation, Guillemot once again praised NX as a "fantastic machine." He also thinks that Nintendo will give something new to its users.

With these descriptions by the Ubisoft boss, gamers are getting excited what new experience of gaming Nintendo might offer.

Nintendo's Ready To Wow The Gaming World, Again

Like different companies, Nintendo has failures regarding creating something different and giving its users exciting consoles. This time, the gaming giant is ready to make its comeback.

After the Wii U's failure, IGN asked Guillemot if NX is a step back from Wii, to which he answered, "It's difficult to answer that [before NX is revealed]. What we see is that Nintendo has learned from the Wii U. All publishers learn from what they do, and then come with something new and more attractive, which I think is the case here."

Supporting Nintendo's latest creation, The Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara said, "The NX is trying to change the concept of what it means to be a home console device or a hand-held device. We will make games for the NX."

Ishihara also said to The Wall Street Journal that NX is an enigma that is still trying to change the concept, but Guillemot thinks otherwise.

Nintendo NX doesn't have an official release date but it is expected to be publicly revealed on March 2017. According to DigiTimes, that Foxconn Electronics will be responsible for the trial productions of the console.

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