Netflix’s 'Easy' Spoilers, Recap & Review: Orlando Bloom, Malin Akerman Go All Out In Their Steamy Scene With Kate Micucci

Netflix added another mind-boggling show with the premiere of its new anthology "Easy" on Thursday, Sept. 22. All eight episodes of the season were released on the same date and among these, the sixth episode "Utopia" has been getting much attention. In the episode, Orlando Bloom and Malin Akerman, who play the role of a couple with adventurous tendencies, invite another woman in their bed.  

"Easy" Episode 6  Recap

In "Easy" episode 6, Lucy (Malin) and Tom (Bloom) took an interest in inviting another person to their bed after their friends regaled them with their "Tinder" dating exploit. 

The couple quickly made a profile and met a young woman Annie (Kate Micucci) who seemed to fit all their requirements. She was a good choice for a bed partner since they already knew her. They asked her over for dinner at their home and things turned steamy.

The Story Behind Netflix's New Anthology Show

"Easy" is not the typical series since it was designed for people who want to "dip in and out of the series," according to its director Joe Swanberg. Unlike other TV productions, each of the episodes follows a different storyline. Hence, fans don't need to watch an entire season to know what's happening.

Indiewire has much to say about the series and Swanberg's unique way of directing the anthology. According to the review, the series overall is considered good although each standalone episode warrants independent analysis.

The first season of "Easy" features the love life of eight people living in Chicago who are connected through their friendship with each other. Although there are crossovers, it doesn't have much bearing on each standalone episode.

The cast of the show include Dave Franco, Jake Johnson, Emily Ratajkowski, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Each 30-minute episode is available for streaming on Netflix.

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