'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 60 Spoilers: Death of Gowasu Revealed

Another set of shocking revelations was about to unfold in the Episode 60 of Dragon Ball Super. With more deaths and upgrades coming to each and every character, the story gets more exciting and fun to watch.

Here are some of the what-to-expect in this episode:

 According to the Vine Report, Episode 60 will show Gowasu being killed by Zamasu, his trainee. With the intentions to help, Goku and Vegeta still won’t make it on time to stop the said situation.

Also, another character that will rise up in this episode is Vegeta. With the death of his future wife Bulma, through the hands of Black Goku and him being beaten by his foe during a fight, Vegeta is said to transform to another rank higher than that of Son Goku. He is expected to turn into a Super Saiyan Rose or Super Saiyan White; which would make him stronger as compare before.

Further discussions on the site, the end of the Supreme Kai will be an avenue for Beerus, the God of Destruction, to step up. He will intentionally kill the trainee to safeguard the future. With this, Trunks who still remains worried will go back to the future to see if everything will fall into its proper place.

Another revelation in this episode is the disclosure of the identity of Goku Black, according to Yibada. With knowing who he really is, this perhaps could be one of the greatest episode of the story.

The Episode 60 will be viewed in October 2. The episode will not just reveal new situations in the story but would also disclose a new music for Dragon Ball Super, according to sources.

People hope that there will be no delay in the launching of the episode and would not lead to what happened in the Episode 59. The latter episode was supposed to be viewed on September 18 but was moved on September 25. The alleged reason for the late release was the 40th anniversary of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

To watch what happened in Episode 59, see the video below:

To watch the previe for Episode 60, see the video below:

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