Respawn: 'Titanfall 2' Available For PlayStation, Feedbacks, Rumors, Updates, And More

Respawn Entertainment, is a video game development studio in Sherman Oaks, California. It was founded by Jason West and Vince Zampella who were responsible in the development of Call of Duty franchise at infinity ward.

In a recent event, PlayStation LifeStyle was able to sit down and talk to Respawn's own, Art Director Joel Emslie and Chief Operating Office Dusty Welch. The guys from Respawn talks about the importance of listening to their fans and the reason behind PlayStation not added on the initial gaming console of Titanfall 2.

Here's two of some of the takeaways from the exclusive interview of PlayStation LifeStyle.

PlayStation LifeStyle: The tech test has seen some mixed reactions, with a lot of online communities saying good and bad things about it. What's your take on this, in general? Is there anything that jumped out at you? Any users that surprised you or made particularly good points?"

Joel Emslie: "Absolutely. We have a history of listening to feedback and can make a better game based on that feedback. I would say the part I found, when I was a little caught off guard was some of the feedback was coming from a place of... it's as if we would never make a change or listen to anybody."

"We want to hear this stuff, but I was surprised by the preconception that we wouldn't listen to them. So, I felt that I wanted to say ‘No, no, we're listening.' We're all ears. We listen to everything; we read everything. One of the things I was most proud of - for the team - was that we were able to pivot in one week and make changes to the game. We were able to change it within one week."

"And they're good changes and it's good feedback and we wanna hear that stuff but... the main message I would want to be loud and clear to the community of gamers and press is that we're all ears. We are listening. We want to make a better game. We want to hear the most negative feedback possible so that we can react and get that in there and calibrate it."

PSLS: "Can you clarify specifically what was that change was - the quick one that you made in a week?"

Emslie: "It's not just one thing in particular. When you look at Titanfall 1, the game was cranked up to 11. You know, we cranked it up to 11 and ripped off the knob and tossed it. So Titanfall 2 is taking that game and refining it and balancing it getting things to feel right and elements and weapons and abilities to have meaning and counters and all that good stuff."

The Debut of Titanfall 2 will be on October 28th and it features complete single player campaign. It will also be available to PlayStation for the first time as well as Xbox One and PC.

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