‘Watch Dogs 2’ News: Main Bad Guy Named ‘Douche Anemic’?

Watch Dogs 2 features San Francisco as its new setting and will be having Marcus Holloway as lead protagonist. Aiden Pearce, the original protagonist from the first game, has never been mentioned for the sequel and might not be appearing. The change for both main protagonists and setting will give the players a new experience.

Ubisoft just premiered a new trailer for Watch Dogs 2, this time it features the story. Check out the video below. The new footage puts spotlight on some, if not all, characters you will be meeting in the game's setting, San Francisco.

Where's Douche Anemic? Well it's not really spelled that way but if you listen closely at around 00:56, you'll hear "...Blume's CTO, Dusan Nemec (Douche Anemic). Can't believe your ears? Say it out loud in and notice people will look at you in confusion.

Setting puns aside, Ubisoft states that they wanted to make it a bit more lighthearted take on the sequel, and this trailer proves that they might have done so. Though not so funny if you read it, Dusan Nemec (pronounced Dou-shan Nemic, or Douche Anemic to lean towards it being funny) would sound a lot more intriguing when spoken out loud. It would seem that this is the first time that Watch Dogs put a sense of pun into the game series, and we think it's cool that way.

Ubisoft has made Watch Dogs 2 its flag bearer title for the fall. The game publisher will also release Steep and The Ezio Collection but definitely they are putting more spotlight on Watch Dogs 2, as reported by WeWriteThings.com.

Speaking of Ubisoft, they have decided to go on hiatus for the Assassin's Creed series hinting Watch Dogs might be taking its place on being a game with multiple sequels. A scoop about the game says it won't allow player to jump into aircrafts but it will have advancements on skill trees and much more open world goodies.

Watch Dogs 2 was revealed prior to E3 of this year and the game, if all goes well, will launch on Nov. 15 for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Happy hacking!

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