NVIDIA, Apple May Collaborate On Next Line Of Macs

Macs are not known for gaming. Most gamers would pass over a Mac in favor of a Windows-operated PC or would rather build their own gaming rigs. Apple might change everyone's perspective regarding Macs if it can get Nvidia to work on its Macs again.

Currently, Apple is using AMD graphics cards for its Macs, according to Bloomberg. AMD is just as well known for its graphics cards as Nvidia, but the latter is better known for making high-end chips sets for games. However, Nvidia has not worked on Macs for some time now.

There have been some clues hinting that Nvidia might be working with Apple once again. One clue would be its hobs listings which reference Apple. There are three job listings by Nvidia said to be developing software for the Mac. At least one job listing also mentions making a Mac graphics driver. These clues seem to point to Nvidia working with Apple.

However, Nvidia and Apple have not commented on the job listings that were spotted. The Motley Fool notes that even though Nvidia has not been in the OEM graphics business much lately, it does note mean that it is not planning to return to it. This just might just be Nvidia's first step to making a comeback in OEM graphics cards.

OEM graphics cards are those that are integrated into the PC's motherboard. The graphics cards usually would be fine for basic computer functions but would not be adequate for gaming. Gamers would usually get aftermarket graphics cards designed for gaming. Other graphics intensive programs such as Autocad also rely on more powerful GPUs than OEM graphics cards.

With the competition heating up between AMD and Nvidia, people are expecting better products to come out. Many note that this would only be good for gamers as well as for most PC users in general, as competition would mean better quality chips set from both companies.

It remains to be seen though if Nvidia would be returning to work on the Mac officially. The jobs listing would seem to indicate that it might do so, but until an announcement comes out from Nvidia or Apple it remains a mere speculation.

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