Childhood Muscular Fitness Protects Children Later In Life

Exercise and conditioning have always been an integral part in the overall health of a person. This is most true from the time one is young until old age. Now a study has found that muscular fitness in children might stave off such deadly diseases as cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Fitness has been emphasized for years. Nowadays many children are leading a sedentary lifestyle watching either TV or playing games all day on gaming consoles. Physical activity has become minimal, if at all.

According to Science Daily, about 20-25 percent of adults have metabolic syndrome. This syndrome can bring about diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. A study though has shown that muscular fitness could protect children from such diseases. Muscular fitness involves strength training, endurance and power.

News Medical notes that children from nine to fifteen years that have high muscular fitness levels have an 80 percent lower rate of developing metabolic syndrome later as adults. This is in comparison to children who have lower fitness levels.

The study supports the World Health Organization guidelines on physical activity. The guidelines emphasize strength training and aerobics activity. The study also shows the importance of physical activity among children. Children involved in sports and exercise would develop healthier attitudes later in life compared to sedentary children.

Much has been said already about the relationship of fitness and health. Many have been encouraging more physical activities for children. As obesity becomes more and more of a health concern especially in first world countries, the emphasis on physical activity and sports has become even more urgent especially for kids today.

Mayo Clinic has encouraged strength training for children. Some of the benefits of strength training are additional strength and endurance as well as protection of joints and muscles from injuries. Another benefit of it is that it helps in making a child perform better in sports.

Other benefits also include strengthening bones, giving healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These benefits if applied early on could be continued later in life. Showing children the health benefits of an active lifestyle will lead them to appreciate it and make them just as active when they are ad

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