Overwatch Will Boost 'Symmetra' This Coming November Update

As a developer, one of the hardest task to do when you have a large number of characters in a game is to balance their various abilities without overpowering one from the other. However, this case is inevitable at a certain situation. This what happens to the Overwatch character Symmetra. It has been observed lately that only a few Symmetra players are seen on the competitive area of the game. Thankfully, Overwatch director, Jeff Caplan confirms that Blizzard is planning on giving the support character a boost this upcoming November patch.

Symmetra was classified as a support hero in Overwatch. She utilizes her light-bending Photon Projector during combat. She is also known for her ability to create teleportation pads and install particle-blasting Sentry Towers. Despite her unique supporting ability, Symmetra has not yet reached the same level as the other characters in the game. However, Business Insider reported that Jeff Kaplan said that it will be soon enough for the character to receive the attention she deserves.

Kaplan said during the interview that they will make significant improvements to the character. However, he did not dig into details as to what these particular changes would be. He also stated that Symmetra was just being used as a situational hero which he thinks is not desirable. He also added that even though it is understandable, it is still not right.

As Game Rant mentioned, Blizzard is trying to come up with a solution to boost Symmetra up. However, details will not go live until November. Currently, Kaplan and his team is prioritizing at balancing several heroes particularly Ana, Widowmaker and Junkrat. Although there is little information on Symmetra as of this writing, it is predicted that she will have a bit of juice when it comes to granting shield to allies and have a reduced cool-down period for her ultimate ability. 

Lastly, despite the few number of users, Symmetra is still considered as an essential member in a team. The 60% win rate record across all platforms can easily prove that claim. 


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