Brangelina News And Update: Angelina Quits Major Hollywood Movie; 'Blocks' Brad's Phone After Receiving Numerous Texts And Calls

After Angelina Jolie filed divorce to husband Brad Pitt, she's reportedly quitted her directing duties in a major Hollywood movie just to avoid working with Pitt, who is the star of the said film. And now, Jolie refuses to talk to him as she blocks his number after receiving numerous texts and calls.

According to sources that are associated with the movie's production team, Jolie has decided to let go of her directing duties that are scheduled to start in 2017. However, Pitt remains firm in his decision for the movie and decided to push through. Unfortunately, the couple's divorce and differences between the producers of the movie and Jolie as a director has caused the project to be slowed down so delays can be expected.

Pitt is still interested in the movie. The actor is not ready to give up and says the movie is like "Seven Years in Tibet" but situated in Africa, the source shared.

It looks like Jolie is firm in her decision as she not only quitted directing their movie but also blocked all text or call from Pitt's number. According to sources, Brad is not handling everything well and has been crying. Allegedly, Pitt has been texting and calling the actress which is the reason why she blocked him. He didn't expect Jolie's divorce and was caught off guard.

Jolie and Pitt admitted their relationship in 2006 where the actress also confirmed they were having a baby. In 2012, the couple announced their engagement and later on got married in 2014. But just early this month, Jolie filed for a divorce requesting full physical custody of their 6 children but giving visitation rights for Pitt. It can be remembered that Pitt was married to actress Jennifer Aniston before dating Jolie. Jolie was accused of causing the divorce but denied the allegations.


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