'Overwatch' Skill Caps Revealed By Reddit User, Only It's Inaccurate; Tracer Character Displays Blizzard's Unique Competitive Shooter Game

"Overwatch" heroes' skill caps have been mathematically determined by one reddit user; however, the result was reportedly semi-accurate. One notable character Tracer, has recently been used in a match between Team Liquid and NRG Esports.

Skill caps in video games like "Overwatch" are said to be complicated. An "Overwatch" Reddit user GentlemanIntheSuit used a Python bot to analyze the statistics on the official "Overwatch" website to create a semi-accurate measure of the period it takes to learn each character. The algorithm is said to determine the average hours required for the community to reach a win rate higher than each hero's average win rate.

The "Overwatch" stats confirmed Bastion as a "noob" character, Tracer as an enigma and Zarya is revealed as a more difficult choice which is just an estimation and not a guarantee. The ranking reportedly has some shortcomings.

First, not all of the heroes in "Overwatch" rely on wins to be successful. For instance, Reinhardt and Lucio  are better used for communication than physical play. There are also heroes who function better in teams.

The "Overwatch" community is also speculated as not having mastered yet what certain characters are truly capable of. Hence, underused heroes like Symmetra may have more potential than was believed.

Meanwhile, Tracer is believed to be one of the most playable hero in "Overwatch". Her abilities to manipulate time, zip around maps, dart behind enemy lines and catch other teams off-guard is seen as a perfect example of Blizzard's game as a unique competitive shooter game.

Kevin Larivière aka AZK previously demonstrated Tracer's abilities in Team Liquid's match against NRG Esports. The former CS:GO player was backed by Team Liquid playing in top form as well as his comrade-in-arms Adam De La torre aka MESR, who pummeled NRG into submission at the end, sealing the win for Liquid.

"Overwatch" Open for the North American regional finals for ELEAGUE is on-going, Twitch reported. The European finals are expected to follow later in the week. The winners who advance to the grand finals will be broadcasted live on TPS on Friday, Sept. 30.

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