Luke Cage Is Your New Superman: Super Strong And Bulletproof

Actor Mike Colter will give life to another Marvel superhero, Luke Cage, who acquired his unbreakable and bulletproof body abilities from an experiment. He will serve as the titular character of the new Netflix series that will premiere this week.

The superhero Luke Cage has made his on-screen debut in 2015 in "Jessica Jones," but he is now taking the limelight and getting his own heroic vehicle as Netflix premieres "Luke Cage" with 13 episodes for its first season on Sept. 30, Friday.

As was reported in November 2013, "Luke Cage" will be the third of four series created by Marvel that will be launched on Netflix as part of the deal between the two companies. After the character makes an impact in "Jessica Jones," the excitement for this new heroic TV series appears very high among fans.

Luke Cage's Heroic Blood Finally Awakens

Colter fills the title role, which he first portrayed opposite Krysten Ritter who plays Jessica Jones. Luke Cage's character was designed to be a reluctant superhero gifted with extreme strength and an unbreakable skin.

Luke "is a blue-collar superhero with faults and weaknesses," Colter said. "He's not Superman. I'm proud of that."

Going over the character's TV history, he was introduced to the larger street-level world in the TV series "Jessica Jones." Luke created a connection with lady the investigator who later on became his wife. After witnessing his Hell's Kitchen bar blow up, he tried to keep a low profile in Harlem and started working for Pop (Frankie Faison), but villains are everywhere and are constantly trying to put the hero and his friends in danger.

The series will then surprise viewers as this guy sweeping up the hair on Pop's Barber Shop steps in for the fight of his life. But the "Luke Cage" action won't be the standard street-level spinoff that fans are expecting. "Luke Cage" features Marvel's first black hero to land his own TV series.

"Well, we're black," the series' executive producer and creator Cheo Hodari Coker said with a hearty laugh. "There's no way around it, but that's a good thing. I see that as an asset."

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