Dead Rising 2, Time To Kill, Updates, Spoilers, Revealed

Chuck Greene is back and he's about to kill more zombies.

Dead Rising 2 is developed by Blue Castle Games, a Canadian video game developer and published by none other than the great Capcom. The wait is finally over as they are about to unleash the beast this week.

Dead Rising 2 remastered, is set to come out this week. The game is an open world survivor horror beat ‘em up video game or in gamers terms, killing spree. The game received an astonishing praise from game gurus and respected websites.

Gamesradar, IGN and Eurogamer gave Dead Rising 2 a rate of 8/10. Yes, three of the most coveted gaming websites praised the game and this doesn't happen normally.

The game has a reputation of great story, the combat moves and fight scenes are off the charts, and lastly the ability to show a huge number of enemies or zombies on the screen.

What's good about this game?

Everything. The game is a game on its own. It means you have the freedom to choose or customize your character, from your clothes to your combat weapons. You can wear a tuxedo or a fancy suit or you can wear your tight jeans with a cowboy hat while riding a banana hammock.

Weapons you say? This game exactly knows how we feel if there would be a zombie apocalypse. Imagine combining two weapons to make it as a combo weapon. There are no restrictions on what you can combine and turn it into weapon. You can create paddlesaw by combining a paddle and a chainsaw or if you want to kill them softly you can create a beargun, a teddy bear combined with a gun. Whatever weapon you create, the objective is to kill as many zombies as you can to survive.
If you feel you can't survive on your own, don't worry. Dead Rising 2 has a co-op option which means you can beat the hell out of those zombies while enjoying your snack or cold beer.

Here's a clip from Dead Rising 2, remastered by Capcom.

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