Intel, Lenovo Team Up For Biometric Protection On PayPal And Other Online Payment Services

Intel and Lenovo are partnering to have biometric protection for PayPal and other online payment systems for upcoming Lenovo laptops. The collaboration would also include PayPal itself and Synaptics. With this new system, PayPal users who have Lenovo laptops could opt to log-in to the site using their fingerprint instead of typing in their password.

According to the International Business Times, the new biometric system for upcoming Lenovo laptops would be a collaboration between Intel, Lenovo, PayPal and Synaptics. This would combine Intel's hardware security and Synaptic's expertise on biometric security on Lenovo laptops.

The biometric system would be based on the FIDO Alliance, which was founded in 2012. Lenovo and PayPal as some of its founders. The FIDO Alliance is also supported by other big firms such as Microsoft, Google, Samsung and Qualcomm among other companies.

While Intel and Lenovo are working on the new laptop security system, it is still not known when the new laptops would be coming out. With the new laptops, the companies will have a more secure way of managing a secure payment system for Paypal and other online payment services.

FinExtra reports that the FIDO Alliance's executive director, Brett McDowell said the FIDO system is being used on mobile devices and is now starting to establish itself in the world of laptops and PCs. Lenovo's Johnson Jia, senior vice-president for PC and smart device business group said that many users have too many passwords to remember and that a biometric system would help ease that burden on people.

The use of a biometric system on mobile devices has been increasing in recent years. The adaptation of the technology for PCs and laptops though has been slower. Many find it more convenient to use biometric on mobile devices than on laptops and PCs. However, biometrics offer more secure ways of protecting sensitive user information. This is most true for online transactions where identity theft can be a problem.

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