NBA 2K17 Complete Guide To Unlocking Badges

2K Games just recently released their latest flagship title NBA 2K17. And like any other games, players would love to know a couple of workarounds in order to dominate it. True enough, earning badges is one of the nicest things to do in the new installment. Here's how you can earn them like how pros do it.

What Are Badges In NBA 2K17?

The badges feature is something that NBA 2K17 players can experience in the MyCareer mode. This is divided into two types -- namely, Personality and Skills. The former refers to a character's reaction to a very particular scenario inside the court. From having hot or cold shooting spree to ambient animation effects to various facial expressions, these are all included.

Skill badges in NBA 2K17, on the other hand, is more of determining a specific aspect in which a player is most adept at. It's further divided into a total of three categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Moreover, it covers Defense, Outside and/or Inside Scoring, Playmaking and Athleticism. As of this writing, there are a total of 55 badges in the game, according to

How To Acquire These NBA 2K17 Badges?

As soon as possible, it would be best for players to acquire these NBA 2K17 badges. To help them with such journey, below are the different badges along with their respective requirements.

NBA 2K17 Personality Badges

  • Alpha Dog - Obtain highest overall rating for the team.
  • Spark Plug - Come off from the bench with a minimum of 7 points in a certain amount of games.
  • Enforcer - Do at least 10 hard-hitting but non-flagrant fouls in a single NBA 2K17 season.
  • Championship DNA - Win at least one NBA Championship.
  • Microwave - Acquire 2 red rings for 10 games in a row.
  • Expressive - Celebrate (at any time) as soon as the prompt comes up.

NBA 2K17 Playmaking Badges

  • Dimer - Have at least 300 assists in 20 games.
  • Lob City Passer - Get at least 50 ally oops assists in a season.
  • Ankle Breaker - Do 200 double move leading to score assists in a single NBA 2K17 season.
  • Flashy Passer - Make a total of 50 flashy passes in a single season.
  • Pick and Roll Maestro - Go for Dimer, PNR Maestro, and Lob City (note: these should be done at the same time). Once done, call for the pick and then double tap Y/Triangle when the big man or pick man cuts to the rim.

NBA 2K17 Defensive Badges

  • Pick Pocket - Players need to get 50 poke ball loose animations.
  • Hustle Rebounder - Requires a total of around 400 rebounds.

NBA 2K17 Inside Scoring Badges

  • Acrobat - Requires 15 Reverse Layups and 4 Charge-Shot Layups in a single season.
  • Tear Dropper - Requires a total of 50 Tear Drops or Floaters in a single NBA 2K17 season.
  • Relentless Finisher - Max strength out and complete 75 Contact Layups.
  • Post Spin Technician - Requires a total of 100 Post Spins or Drive Moves out of the post.
  • Drop Stepper - Complete a total of 30 Drop Step moves.
  • Dream-Like Up and Under - While in the post, attempt a total of 50 Up and Under moves.

NBA 2K17 Outside Scoring Badges

  • Corner Specialist - Requires 25 corner 3's.
  • Mid-Range Deadeye - NBA 2K17 Players need a total of 60 highly Contested Jumpshots.
  • Limitless Range - Successfully hit 40 deep 3's and shoot 30% on the last 30 3's made.
  • Pick and Popper - Set a screen, roll out, and pop a 3.
  • Difficult Shots - Make a total of around 200 hop shots, step backs, dribble pull ups, etc.

NBA 2K17 Athletic Badges

  • Lob City Finisher - Finish a total of 15 ally oops in a single season.
  • Posterizer- Attempt a total of 15 Contact Dunks in a single season.
  • Brick Wall - Need to set a total of 100 good screens in a single NBA 2K17 season.
  • One Man Fast Break - Players need to score 75 times on a fastbreak in a single season..

What are your thoughts on this NBA 2K17 Badges guide? Have you already acquired one or more? Share us your experience at the comment section below! You can buy the game here for all version. 

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