Apple iMac To Feature AR And VR Capability, 5K Display And Thunderbolt 3

By Jomar Teves , Sep 27, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

Apple has just released recently its arsenal of new gadgets - the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2. Various speculations that stand on plausible grounds suggest that there are more to come and that these may potentially be the Apple MacBook Air 2016 and the Apple MacBook Pro 2016.

There are also speculations that say that the 2016 iMac will be unveiled really soon, some even pointing to an October release date. Despite the lack of official statements coming from Apple, the rumors and speculations that surround the internet are very much plausible. And if it ever proves to be true, then the new iMac 2016 will surely be a work-of-art.

According to HNGN, the iMac 2016 might be the dream computer that everyone wishes to have. Just recently, the company has released macOS Sierra, which will most likely by the OS that the iMac 2016 will run on.

Apple iMac 2016 Features

What makes the iMac 2016 really innovative is that it is said to be capable of supporting AR and VR technology due to a powerful AMD Radeon RX GPU. Also, what makes this a piece of technology remarkable is that it will not have a 4K display but feature a monitor with 5K display resolution.

If this proves to be true, then it would be the ultimate computer to have such a wonderful display resolution. The 2016 iMac is also rumored to feature a possible USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 port. It is important to take note that the possible 5K technology will not only come in the iMac 2016 but also with the Apple Macbook Air 2016.

Right now, the chances of Apple releasing a new iMac 2016 and a MacBook Air 2016 are very plausible.

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