Minecraft Boss Update Arrives This October

Microsoft updates their fans about the arrival of the new content of Minecraft: Gear VR Edition, Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition during Minecon 2016 in California last weekend. Those who badly want to find boss encounters in the mobile builds are indeed lucky. This Boss Update will be coming to Pocket Edition within weeks' time. This feature parity has not absolutely occurred within the sandbox game's sprawling ecosystem. There are features of the Java and console Minecraft build that have not been adapted yet into its Pocket Edition or Windows 10 Edition. However, The Boss Update will be released in the middle of October hitting PE, Windows 10 and Minecraft Gear VR Edition. It brings along the Wither and the Elder Guardian into the smallest versions of Minecraft.

According to the iDigitalTimes, the new bosses are not the only major addition to Minecraft: Pocket Edition, there will also be mobile versions of the game from the next patch. It will offer the Underwater Temples that were mentioned last year, as well as an Add-On system that allows its users to change their favored Minecraft world.  Additionally, this will help create new monsters to fight, eventually making villagers run. Alien Invasion and Castle Stage stages will be shown at E3 within the year. This is to let players see the initial examples of what they will soon achieve.

Based on the reports from Dnaindia, Slash commands can now be used to aid players in summoning, teleporting, as well as the use of other features. This update will also tap the controller support for its Windows 10 Edition. Thus, players have the choice whether to utilize a Bluetooth Xbox controller or choose the Oculus Touch instead. The Boss Update will be released on October 18 on Minecraft: Gear VR Edition, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition. 


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