Why Twitter Has Top Companies Chasing Despite Struggles Against Instagram, Snapchat

Following talks that Twitter will be up for sale in the near future, a good number of top companies have already expressed their interest to take over the microblogging platform. Despite revenue deceleration and the tough competition with other social media companies, potential bidders have already come forward, including Microsoft, Google, Salesforce and Verizon. Just recently, Disney has joined the ranks.

Multi-million dollar tech companies are in for the Twitter takeover bid that sparked heated attention over the weekend. Considering Twitter's low-slung marketability in contrast to social media titans Instagram and Snapchat, these companies seem persistent in pushing a deal with the site.

Disney Can Help Twitter's Video Streaming Ambitions

In the tight race to Twitter acquisition, the latest name to surface is Walt Disney Co. According to the sources of a Bloomberg report, Disney has tapped in a professional to assess a possible bid.

The report underscored that Disney can help Twitter advance its video streaming ambitions. Cable TV has been Disney's expertise.

Twitter already had tied deals to livestream financial news shows and big sports events like the National Football League and the National Basketball Association.

Microsoft, Google, Verizon, Salesforce Unfazed By Twitter's Underperformance

After reports of Twitter's potential auction, its stocks skyrocketed that meant a rise from its underperformance.

In fact, the latest survey conducted by RBC Capital Markets divulged that more advertisers are bound to pull out slots on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Twitter fell short of Wall Street Journal's second quarter revenue estimates for 2016. Even so, Forbes reported that the potential bidders are unfazed by this report. Like Disney, cloud computing company Salesforce has reportedly hired Bank of America as its adviser to work on a bid.

For Salesforce, the new customer support account feature can be used in its operations. Nevertheless, there are still no plans as to how exactly it would use it.

Until now, it remains in question as to how Microsoft, Google, Verizon and other potential suitors would take advantage of Twitter.

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