Meet YouTube Go: The Rise Of Offline Video Streaming And Sharing

Offline streaming of videos on YouTube has always been a pet peeve whenever Wi-Fi and mobile data are not available. Good thing because Google has just released YouTube Go, a new app for offline video viewing and sharing.

Google has just launched the YouTube Go app at an event in Delhi, India alongside a few other products. According to a report from The Verge, YouTube product management VP Johanna Wright stressed that the search giant's latest app is designed to help this generation's YouTube users enjoy video streaming and sharing, even if offline.

In addition, YouTube Go came from the idea of letting its users know the status of their data and connection. In a nutshell, this brand new app is developed for areas where internet connectivity is more restricted.

The new app, however, will only be available in India for now. It is not yet certain if Google has planned out a global release of the said app. Nevertheless, this initial release in the country serves as a test for the app's efficiency before it heads to the international stage.

Other Google products, including YouTube Go, that were launched in India recently might as well make their way to other countries.

YouTube Go Lets Users Save Videos For Offline Viewing

YouTube Go works by letting users view saved videos offline. Users are given the options as to which quality of the video will be downloaded, depending on the available data.

File size depends on video quality. On top of that, the app also allows sharing saved videos to nearby devices without the use of data but via Bluetooth.

YouTube Go stems from the framework of the streaming app's Smart Offline feature, which was first tried in India earlier this year. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has already expressed before that internet issues in India can be universal, thus the rise of apps offline.

YouTube fanatics in India can now test YouTube Go by signing up here.

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