'Arrow' Season 5 Spoilers & Updates: 100th Episode To Bring Back Deathstroke; DC Crossover To Occur In Flashpoint

The upcoming premiere of "Arrow" season 5 is said to have a darker and more violent vibe. As expected, the season will pick up where season 4 left off. Oliver Queen needs to recruit people to join him after original team "Arrow" members left.

The first episode takes on a slower pace since film creators are brewing something great for the show. With the epic crossover with three other DC shows in The CW and with Deathstroke's comeback, the premiere wouldn't be as explosive as other DC TV shows in the network. Yet, season 5's episode 8 would be "Arrow's" 100
th episode, which would be the highlight of this season.

 "Arrow" Team 2.0

In the new season, Queen takes in Artemis, Mister Terrific, and Wild Dog to join his team. With Thea and Diggle's decision to leave and Laurel's death in season 4, Queen needs to rebuild his team. Reviews have indicated that the show would take a more violent turn as there will be no Thea or Diggle to keep Oliver in check and Felicity can barely keep him in line.

"Arrow" Takes A Whole New Turn

Unlike the previous season, Team "Arrow" 2.0 would have more exciting adventures and introduce new villains. There's a possibility that "Arrow" will join the "Flash" on the "Flashpoint" which is set in an alternate universe. According to CW President Mark Pedowitz, the Flashpoint "bleeds over to every DC show." "Arrow" will join DC TV shows "Supergirl, "Legends of Tomorrow0" and "The Flash" in the epic crossover.

"Arrow's" 100th Episode

This season, it's more than just the crossover that makes "Arrow" worth watching. In time for its 100th episode milestone, showrunners are planning something big. Stephen Amell, who plays Queen, already teased viewers with pictures of Deathstroke on set and the Badass would apparently be back in "Arrow". Katie Cassidy who plays Laurel also hinted about a possible appearance. Whether her appearance is in the parallel universe or not, it would be something to look forward to this season.

"Arrow" season 5 will debut on The CW on Oct. 5.

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