'Battlefield 1' Single Player Campaign Trailer Brings Us Closer To Photo Realism

Holding their end of the bargain, also known as a 'promise', DICE and EA released a new trailer featuring Battlefield 1 campaigns for single-player. Although Battlefield games are focused slightly on its multiplayer features, it still has juice in terms of storytelling, providing proper war action for both introvert and extrovert players.

We have seen a lot of multiplayer trailers - as it has been a trend nowadays, showcasing their graphic experience and awesome features firsthand when playing online, we even had the chance to play it on open beta. This on the other hand is the first official look at Battlefield 1's solo campaign featuring how it supposed to feel when you're in World War 1.

Judging on the latest footage, it is indeed fair to say that the game looks pretty remarkable, as reported by Unilad. The video at the bottom of this article shows impressive photo-realism representation of World War I.

Implied beforehand, it would seem that the campaign mode for Battlefield 1 will tell stories about multiple soldiers all across the world, varied personalities with different views about the unfolding worldwide conflict. These include an armor crewman, fighter pilot, a rebel fighter, and a 'messenger'. Different warriors with different jobs, tied together to tell an astounding story that is Battlefield 1.

The campaigns will also aim to realize the freedom of open-world multiplayer that the franchise is loved for - according to a dialogue with GameSpot and Danny Berlin, the game's designer, who clarified that the campaign is going to have 'much more choice and variety' than ever before.

If DICE can cram in a truly gripping, cinematic thread in a bundle that includes immense, open-ended multiplayer combats, then we might as well have a future classic game on our hands.

Battlefield 1 rolls out to Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 on October 21.


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